Gig Economy

With the new changes in our economy, what is the best way to stay current?

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What is a Gig Economy?

A Gig Economy is a free market system in the form of a labour market that is characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs.

How to stand-out in the Gig Economy?
BRANDING – In the labour market, successful branding involves promoting your unique skills and attributes that will motivate a potential employer to hire you over anyone else. Your professional Brand is EVERYTHING! 

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PROFILE – “Obscurity is your enemy!” Sites such as LinkedIn are the “go to” professional sites for over 500 million people across the globe. Employers and candidates rely on these social network sites to connect with top talent in various disciplines. If you want to get noticed, LinkedIn is a great start!
DESIGNATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS (e.g. CPA, CCIM, PMP) – Some industry professionals have suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic may result in a shift away from degrees, and towards professional designations, accelerated diplomas, or certifications. Whether their hypothesis is correct or not, let’s face it, degrees are expensive and for many professional (i.e. Trading, Real Estate, IT) only a designation or certificate is required.

ASSEMBLE A PORTFOLIO – A “Gigster” is only as good as their last “Gig.” Therefore, keeping detailed notes, awards, recommendations and pictures of past and current projects will be a huge value add. As Napoleon Bonaparte once said “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

ASSOCIATIONS & NETWORKING – This goes without saying!
CONSIDER INSURANCE (e.g. errors & omissions, WCB) – Anything can happen at the workplace, therefore it is important for you Gigster’s to consider the appropriate coverage should anything occur. Additionally, Workers Compensation coverage (WCB) is another valuable option should an incident render you unable to work.

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HAVE AN OPEN MIND – “It’s not what you are getting that’s important, it’s what you’re becoming.” Jim Rohn. Consider all options when searching for your next Gig. Place more emphasis on the skills to be acquired rather than the renumeration. This is not to suggest that the compensation is not important. We all need to eat! However, this concept highlights the fact that knowledge is indeed power.

We will be having a more detailed discussion on the Gig Economy in future posts. Stay tuned…