Let’s Play A Game

Tis the Season to be merry–
take a break from work with our christmas crossword! 

How To Play

Just like any other crossword puzzle, go through the clues for each answer and then fill in your answer in the appropriate row or column.

The puzzle will highlight correct answers.

Feeling stuck? Search our site (open a new tab) for some of our Christmas friends hiding throughout our site…they might give you the answer you need.


1. The story of Santa Claus came from the story of St.
2. Prince Albert of Germany, is considered the first person to bring Christmas trees in the home because he brought one into Windsor Castle for his famous wife named...
3. Evergreens were used in ancient Roman times to mark this holiday
4. In Dutch, Santa Claus is called
5. This artist, who worked for Coca Cola, drew the first jolly looking Santa Claus
6. The very first stockings received gifts of this precious metal, to save 3 daughters from a life of despair
7. Everyone's favourite rednosed reindeer is
8. Jingle Bells was originally a song written for this holiday
9. In 1965 two astronauts played Jingle Bells aboard this space shuttle...
10. This is Santa's own unique postal code
11. Dung On A Twig is the Germanic Translation of the plant that brings about romantic actions.
12. Who sang in and narrated the beloved Christmas classic Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer?
13. The famous carol The Christmas Song was actually written in this season
14. White Christmas, the carol made famous by Bing Crosby was composed by this man, who was actually a Jew.
15. What did young Gayla Peevey want for Christmas?
16. During WW2, this game was gifted to American and British soldiers. It held secret escape maps between it's layers
17. This Christmas decoration was once banned in the United States for safety concerns
18. The 85 foot Christmas tree at this famous USA location, gets millions of visitors every year
19. This Christmas sweet was first given out by a choirmaster to children to help them stay quiet during the church service